Friday, January 31, 2014

Geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress?
The concept of Geopathic stress is not new, yet only handful of people have a quality idea of what geopathic is. Geopathic springs from Electromagnetic waves originated by earth's openings, underground running water and certain underground concentration. Geopathic is held responsible for causes of unwanted illnesses, stress, and irregularities in lifestyle of inhabitants.

Signs of Geopathic stress?
·    How can you detect if you are suffering from Geopathic stress. Following are few signs: 
1.     If you have an illness for which you have received good treatment, and the symptoms still do not disappear, you may be undergoing geopathic stress. 
2.     Different therapies or treatments don't relieve your symptoms.
3.     You actually feel better when you are away from your home for a time.
4.      If you begin to feel ill immediately after changing houses or apartments, you may be experiencing geopathic stress.
5.     You feel worse in the morning, even after a good night's sleep.
How do we detect Geopathic Stress?
Detecting geopathic stress zone has become possible with dowsing tool, an instrument which has been accepted historically to detect the detrimental forces in a house. Dowsing rods provide accurate result if the perimeter of a sick building preferably external is checked using L and Y dowsing rods. Dowsing rod helps to locate geopathic stressed area in matter of minutes and today it is been practiced by most medical and non-medical practitioners.


1.     There is no one size fits all treatment.  An expert Vastu consultant has to determine the right tools to block the negativity & neutralizing the Geopathic Stress. Visit our website for more information.