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Vaastu Purusha

Every reader of vastu shastra often mentions about this Vaastu purusha, a Demon God, who exist in each plot. In India a great deal of importance and status is given to him and most of us perform rituals of appropriate him. He sleeps with his strong back exposed to sky, which is strong enough to protect the house. 

His head is towards North-east and the feet placed at South-west. His right hand pointing South-east and left hand pointing North-west directions. His head sloping towards North east and his pelvis shows higher elevation. Why and what does this symbolizes? 

This is a symbolic representation of Sun light (travels E-W) and Earth's magnetic fields (travels N-S). When two such strong forces collide the resultant force would be in single direction. (North East-South West). 

Sun, a small star being head of the solar family has nine planets revolving, around him. This is similar to electrons spinning around Nucleus of an atom. The Solar Energy which is giving light in the form of Electro magnetic waves. All the nine planets revolve in their respective orbits. Their energy is also received by earth and we call these vibrations as Cosmic energy.

Newton has proved that the Sun light can be split (dispersion) into all the seven colors which we call VIBGYOR colors. 

We see all the colors around the directions of our Demi God with different wave length. We can understand this in chapter of energy Vaastu and its science. 

Note:- No construction should come on this zone of Gharbham.
The Earth's magnetic field spontaneously flows from North to South direction as shown in the figure. At the same time, the sun's solar energy i.e. light energy in form of Electro magnetic waves spontaneously flow from East to West direction. The both tremendous positive energies are supposed to meet at 90 degrees, with respect to each other, would take a single Resultant direction. These positive energies flow in the direction of North east to South west. The symbolic Vaastu purusha align him self in this highly regarded direction, that Is the resultant direction with flowing energies of highly positive in nature. When sunrise shifts slightly in different seasons the resultant also changes, slightly towards North and slightly towards south, the Vaastu purusha also shifts slightly away from North to south. Note; There is a difference in geographic north and magnetic north. 

These directions are important for Vaastu readers. We have read that his head is placed in the North east, and his legs are placed in the west as shown in the above figure. His both hands pointing north-west and south east corners. Hence the prominent Vaastu readers never allow putting heavy weights in this direction, but prefer to put weights on SW directions on his buttocks. Similarly no construction should be made at GARB HAM that is at the position of Naval or Nabhistan. Experts avoid any construction. 

In Vaastu Shastra, weights, toilets are avoided above the head of Vastu purusha and the same is allowed on opposite side i.e. Where his buttocks can take the weight. We have experimented with our Universal scanner after placing the weights in both NE and SW directions, [the energies were measured for experimental sake]. A single flaw cannot be found from our earlier scripts. 

Further the reader may note that North East is the best direction for inviting positive frequencies and hence this place should be vacant as this place is represented by Ishwar the Supreme Lord. The cut in the North-East means Vaastu Purusha's head is chopped/cut at this corner of the house would face all deadly things. Similarly septic tanks and lavatories on this direction gives very bad results for those who lives in it.

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