Thursday, April 24, 2014

Introduction of the Four Vedas in Ved: Vastu

Ayurved : It was originated from Rigveda
Gandharvaved : It was originated from Shamveda
Dhanurved : It was originated from Yajurved
Atharwaved : From which the origin of Shilp and Sthapatya Ved was mentioned in Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is also mentioned in Mansaras 28 Literature Ishaan, Vishwakarmiyakram, Vrtam Myamatam Bhargavam, Vaastu Vidhya Paraskriyakram, Drityakram Makrandam, Gopalam, Prayogmanjari, Nardiyam, Bhanumatam, Peruhitam, Indmatam, Boddhmatam, Gautamam, Kshyapam, Manusaram, Kullam, Settem, Kshritraymalam, Vishishtam, Desikam etc. in which city construction, well construction, lake construction, palace construction, sculpture modeling etc are included.In the same way old constructions like Mohen-jo-daro, Harrappa, Dwarkanagri, Patliputra etc are some of the brilliant architectures of Vaastu Shastra.The name Vaastu was originated from the word "Vastu". In a square form the earth's total kilometers are 12760 km. or converting it to equal sides =40102.856 km. on one side it is 10025.714. If this is divided into 9 equal parts i.e. 1113.968 km and four parts is 2506.428 km.

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