Friday, February 21, 2014

Kirlian Photography's Relation With Vastu

Kirlian photography

An Introduction to Modern Science & Vedas
It would create a sensation to Modern science and scientists as our instrument Universal Scanner can prove that every thing in the Universe has energy. It can measure and quantify the energy of animate and inanimate objects. We call it as Aura energy field that would influence other material and life around. Some times their closed association with man and matter (material) should be compatible and to create harmony. Modern scientists proved matter has energy of atoms and ancient Rishees called it Jada shakti (Ojass) and the Biology they called Jeeva shakti (Tejas) before 4000 B.C. The Aura energy is nothing but the recently discovered Kirlian photography.

As per the present research work available, it is necessary to clarify some words used by scientists of Vaastu. There are few subjects that every reader must be conversant with them.

The Aura and its frequencies are known to India, since Vedic times. It has been mentioned in the 11th chapter of Adharvana Veda as Divya Kanthi Valaya (Which means a circular divine light). This means a divine powered light is seen in form of circles.We find halo's around the head of all Gods and Goddesses of all religions. We all knew that light is having electro-magnetic properties and travels in wave form with different wave length, which are depicted in rain bow colors. But the light of Aura is divine due to penetrative power similar to X-rays with extra magnetic power to pull. These are the roots to Aura energy which are possessing the divine quality in it. These rays are not identified by scientists, but our universal spanners, lecher antenna responds to them.

In 1939 a Russian technician, now known to most of us as Simon KIRLIAN observed a light emitting from his fingers when exposed to the photographic plate working in a high voltage area. This has brought the invention of Kirlian photography and a camera. This has taken a scientific leap in the entire world and scientists started working on Aura energy using Kirlian photography. The word of Divya Kanthi Valaya took rebirth as Aura since 1939, other wise it would have been buried in Vedas. The Aura is the quantum of light emitted from every matter which relate to animate (chick shakti) and inanimate objects (Jada shakti). Quantum mechanics explains how an atom absorbs and gives out energy of light. It explains about the jumping of electrons frpm one orbit to the other orbit. Practically it

has seen that the aura energy can be transferred from one objectto another object also. In future lines we have proved that this is miraculous subject and it can do great service to the society. It is an astonishing fact to note that how our seers have studied it, without using any electronic gadget.

For example:- A persons with Initial Aura being 2.5m when goes around a Tulasi plant gains 6.15m's aura. Hence it is assumed to induce 4m energy in human.

Now different cameras have come to study Aura including Lechers Antenna (France) but, the present Universal Sensors designed by us has surpassed all gadgets to detect, identify and quantify their energy fields emitted by any object under the sky. Many applications have been done in various fields with this instrument for the benefit of the society. One could be proud of our Indian science and essence of our ancient culture " who were capable of predicting any thing. So far the rituals we consider as myth, turn to have been scientific facts. 

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