Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vastu Shastra & Your Horoscope.

I meet many people around the world, who tell me that they have aligned their house or business to Vastu Shastra; however they are still not seeing positive results. Why?  Here is why…
The directions are linked to the planets, and they are invariably linked to different events of individual’s life. For example the planet Saturn signifies the West, and also addresses issue like old age.
The 4th house in an individual’s chart signifies the living place of the native. And the matters related to house are indicated by the planets in the 4th house and also the position of the 4th lord in a chart. Planets play a crucial role in understanding the nature of the directions.

Here is an analogy, either fitting yourself in a ready-to-wear dress material or getting your dress stitched according to your needs. The personal choices may differ, but it is always true that the stitched material will FIT better than the ready-to-wear dress. This explains that even Vastu reading has to be customized according to the person’s charts, as the reading vary from person-to-person.

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